Family law is the legal area which deals with domestic relations and family matters. An attorney of family law in Oregon typically handles cases of divorce, child support, child custody, adoption, and others. In addition to divorce, some attorneys even specialize in cases of paternity, adoption, emancipation etc. 
What is Family Law Oregon?
Oregon state authorities have the rights to determine formal requirements for marriage, such as age, legal capacity, and others. Earlier, most US states did not allow marriage between same-sex couples, but now areas of law are changing rapidly and the government has become more open-minded for such individuals. State laws of Oregon also govern different procedures and rules for divorce, and other matter related to family law.
Important Terms of Family Law to Understand
Before you understand more about family law, you should know the meanings of some common terms used in the area. Some of them are:
Divorce: This is the legal separation of a married couple, due to any physical, mental, emotional or financial reasons
Alimony: This is the allowance one spouse gives to the other during or after divorce in order to carry out necessary expenses. A Portland divorce attorney can bring most reasonable amount of alimony as per the rights and responsibilities of both parties 
Marital property: This is the property that either of the spouses owns, and which needs to be divided at the time of divorce
Emancipation: This is a legal process in which a minor individual assumes responsibilities of an adult and becomes self-supporting. This person is no longer subjected to the care of parents and is self-dependent to make his own decisions
Paternity: Origin of a person from a father, especially in order to confirm the biological father of a child
Prenuptial agreement: This is an agreement between the couple before legal marriage. It usually determines rights and responsibilities of both the partners, in the event of one partner’s death or in case of divorce
Stalking: This term refers to unwanted contact by a person, which usually poses a safety risk. Stalking orders in Oregon restricts anyone from trying to contact a person who does not want it
Hiring a Family Law Attorney
A family lawyer represents clients during divorce proceedings and other related matters. Family law is a broad area of practice, and includes issues of reproductive rights and foster care as well. There are several reasons for which you should consider hiring one. During a divorce, Portland divorce attorney devises a settlement plan with an aim to avoid trial. An attorney has specialization in calculating alimony, dividing marital property, and proposing a reasonable plan for child support, custody and visitation.
Agreements and court orders regarding child support and custody are settled during the divorce procedures, but they are revised depending on changing situations. For instance, child support is altered if one parent’s financial situation changes. An attorney helps in settling these agreements as well. You may also hire an attorney in order to prove paternity of a child, to determine foster care and adoption of a child, to decide alimony etc.
If you are stuck in a legal family matter and you want to resolve it quickly, then hire an attorney of family law in Oregon, and leave the rest to him.